Comalle is an organic roman typeface that recovers some elements proper of handwritten letter forms, even though its strokes do not necessarily refer to a literal calligraphic structure.

In order to produce a powerful impact on the page, Comalle has thicker strokes than its counter forms. This makes the black of the letter to fill the page thus causing a faster visual impact than other typefaces of similar black and white balance.

One of the most important challenges in the design of Comalle was precisely the balance of black and white areas in the typeface. Interestingly, that precision work would not produce the blacks, but the whites of the letter forms. This is why at first all the efforts were put in the generality rather than the details, but in the end the design of the counter space proved to be by far the major visual feature of the new typeface.

Comalle was conceived at the careful draining and filling of letter forms and thus intends both to charm with its delicate counters and impact the reader with the heavy strokes that conform its unique personality. More information in Veer site Here, you can download the type specimen
Even more information (in spanish):

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