Welcome everybody

My name is Juan Pablo de Gregorio, your host from now on.
I’m a chilean graphic designer and a typographer.

On march, I published my blog letritas, a blog in spanish about typography and graphic design. Quickly, it becames in a very visited blog, people from different countries and places started to do their comments and to participate. Unexpectedly, they started to ask me about the english version of my blog… but my English is awful…

Now, I want to introduce you Francisca Reyes. She’s a Chilean graphic designer too, and she teaches typography at the university, like me (but her English is a little better than mine…) She accepted to help me with this work, and now we are going to publish an English version of Letritas together. We decided to call it ‘typies’.

But we want to ask for your help too… please tell us if you find a mistake (we are sure that you will find a lot)… it is very important for us… We are doing our best effort, because we love typography and graphic design… But we want to do a good work, and we need your help on this.

At this blog, I’m going to publish regularly comments about design topics. I want to show you my work, and to share my opinions about other designers work with you. I’m going to talk about influences and to pay homage to all the designers who deserve my admiration.

This is the invitation: we could use this blog as a communication track, I hope that you could claim about my opinions and my posts.

Thanks for your interest and don’t forget to do your comments!

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